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Dr. Placido Bartolone is an orthopaedic surgeon, specialist in Hip and Knee Surgery and Traumatology in Geneva.

He earned a Medical Diploma from Medical School of Messina, Italy in 2009. 

Dr Bartolone has worked in different hospitals: from 2009-2011 in Neuchâtel, from 2011-2012 at the Vaud University Hospital Center in Lausanne, and from 2012-2017 in Geneva at the University Hospital of Geneva. 

In 2017, he left for a fellowship in Canada at the Ottawa Hospital in hip arthroplasty and hip preservation.

He has won Maurice E Muller Preis Swiss Orthopaedics Juin 2014, Saint Gallen (CH), Dual vs. Mono-mobility cup for dislocation prevention following revision THA.

Dr Bartolone is also a part of FMH Swiss Medical Association. For a consultation or further information please click below

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